Why Grease Traps Must Be Responsibly Cleaned in Time?

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Did you know that grease traps must be responsibly cleaned every 4-6 weeks? For restaurants with an already tight profit margin, we at Green Star Biodiesel offer you a really economical, efficient and reliable solution in place.

We are a reputable cleaning service company and we pride ourselves on our expertise in cleaning and maintaining your business’ grease traps and keeping your business running smoothly and seamlessly. Most businesses are not thoroughly aware of the detriment that an unmaintained grease trap can exact on your business productivity and functionality. It is very important to prevent the oils, fats and grease in your businesses, homes and restaurants from reaching and damaging your facility’s very expensive filters and leaching gases odors into your facilities.

Did you know that even when you are washing dishes, you are inadvertently allowing used cooking oils and grease to go down the drain and directly into your pipes, septic systems and community sewers? This is not only environmentally irresponsible and costly for your business, but it is also a major cause of the need for emergency repairs due to the damage of your grease traps. In fact, statistics have shown that here in the United States, sewers back up annually “an estimated 400,000 times.” In the greater Florida region, the municipal sewer overflows on 40,000 occasions. **


Unless you regularly maintain your grease traps and used cooking oil collection system, you will not be able to prevent this excess grease waste from entering the sanitary sewer or septic system efficiently.
Since waste water systems are only intended to take domestic waste and not to take grease, it is very essential to have these grease traps in place and remain diligent in maintaining them responsibly. In fact, if the yellow grease and used cooking oil does get poured down into your sewer, you will have unsavory hazardous overflow of sulfuric acid and a dangerous sewer backups in our streets. In short, if you fail to maintain your used cooking oil and yellow grease traps properly and regularly, they will provide a host of continuous problems since they will not be vented correctly and safely.

We at Green Star Biodiesel pride ourselves on educating the greater business community and helping prevent this problem in Florida. We also help the planet by renewing the grease and cooking oil that we collect, returning them as valuable commodities.

**For more information of the detailed processes we employ, you can read about the necessities of proper grease trap maintenance via this source:
Mero, C. & Wilkerson, J. (2007). Reduce Sewer Congestion. Water Environment & Technology

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