Green Star Biodiesel is a leading provider of used cooking oil recycling services in the southeast region. As a result we maintain significant quantities of refined used cooking oil and are able to sell in bulk. Quantities available for sale range from 275 gallon totes to 7000 gallons and product can either be collected from our plant or delivered directly to our customers. We can also accommodate month long sell contracts to regions both foreign and domestic.

truck with green star biodiesel

Additionally, because of our experience in the used cooking oil recycling sector and our ever-expanding footprint in the southeast region, Green Star Biodiesel is always seeking smaller collectors with whom we could form strategic partnerships to increase operational efficiency and maximize value. We can assist in the collection, processing and sale of our partners used cooking oil.

Green Star Biodiesel’s logistical capabilities allow us to sell bulk oil via rail car, tractor-trailer and ocean vessel in an ISO tank or a Flexi-Bag. We maintain an extensive network of logistical service providers allowing us to pass on to our customers, the fastest delivery times at the lowest possible cost.

If you are a used cooking oil recycler looking for a strategic partnership to grow your business or represent a buyer in the biodiesel or feed sector and require bulk quantities of used cooking oil for your business, please contact us!