Florida’s Various Industries We Service

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We are all aware that oil and gas becomes more and more scarce on a daily basis due to our global society’s consumption and dependence. By hiring us to regularly maintain and clean your business’ grease traps, you can contribute to the mission statement that will make yellow grease one of the byproducts of our society that helps to reduce …


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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Did you know that used cooking oil from restaurant deep fryers is not really a waste product? At Green Star Biodiesel, we collect and render it, purify it and then repurpose your business’ vegetable cooking oil for a variety of products such as animal feed supplements and other innovative uses including biodiesel. In fact, some of the most environmentally friendly …


Maintain Your Drain and Your Grease Traps

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We at Green Star Biodiesel have perfected our services surrounding used cooking oil collection and yellow grease repurposing. This type of working partnership between your business and us here at Green Star Biodiesel will ultimately facilitate a competitive advantage for your business. Our company’s mission is to work safer, harder and smarter whilst saving you money and at the same …


Why Grease Traps Must Be Responsibly Cleaned in Time?

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Did you know that grease traps must be responsibly cleaned every 4-6 weeks? For restaurants with an already tight profit margin, we at Green Star Biodiesel offer you a really economical, efficient and reliable solution in place. We are a reputable cleaning service company and we pride ourselves on our expertise in cleaning and maintaining your business’ grease traps and …


Grease Trap Servicing

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  Do you know the importance of properly maintaining your grease traps? If you regularly and properly clean your grease traps of the residue from used cooking oil, you can mitigate a huge variety of problems. However, if you neglect to keep up with regular maintenance of grease traps, you can get into major problems that quickly make kitchen sinks …


Growth of Biodiesel

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Biodiesel is quickly defined as the derivative of used vegetable oils or animal fats in used cooking oils and deep fryers. Research shows that biodiesel is by far the best candidate for diesel fuels in diesel engines. Biodiesel engines can be converted to run on filtered and reprocessed used cooking vegetable oils, thus cutting back on high gas costs, which …


Global Changes

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  If you have ever been to a county fair, undoubtedly you have partaken in some form of “deep-fried everything” from funnel cake to oreos to pickles. Deep fryers are an ever present aspect of such American summer pastimes all over Florida and nation-wide. This brings up a big question: what do the vendors do with all that used grease …


Global Expansion

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Used cooking oil is commonly know as “yellow grease” or “WVO” (waste vegetable oil). Many companies in the Greater Florida region as well as all over the country in the food industry have started hiring used cooking oil recycling companies to retrieve the oil from their deep fryers, at snack food processing plants, in fast food restaurants, in potato processing …


The Correlation Between Used Cooking Oil and Gasoline Cost

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The advent of biodiesel and the different biofuels has permanently altered the used cooking oil industry by creating a link between recycled vegetable oils and crude oil prices. In fact, there is such a drastic increase in demand for used cooking oil from deep fryers, businesses, restaurants and cafes all over the country have been experiencing an unprecedented rise in …

Used Cooking Oil Florida

Introduction to Green Star Biodiesel

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We as a society tend to create more waste than nature can take care of and effectively dispose of. Our company, Green Star Biodiesel, in Florida, believes in collecting and recycling used cooking oil and thus helping aid communities in reducing their carbon footprints. That ultimate goal and outcome are good for the environment as well as for our conscience. …