Maintain Your Drain and Your Grease Traps

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We at Green Star Biodiesel have perfected our services surrounding used cooking oil collection and yellow grease repurposing. This type of working partnership between your business and us here at Green Star Biodiesel will ultimately facilitate a competitive advantage for your business. Our company’s mission is to work safer, harder and smarter whilst saving you money and at the same time, streamlining your business processes.

Through our research, we have found that economically, environmentally, and ethically, the pressure has increased for all residential consumers and businesses alike to create less waste overall. In fact, many states here in the U.S. have cracked down very severely in order to enforce new guidelines being implemented to ensure that businesses comply with environmental by-laws. The state of Florida is one of those at the forefront of this. Ultimately this means that all restaurants, businesses and cafes are forced in a positive direction to be personally accountable for using responsible modalities for used cooking oil collection and proper cleaning of grease traps.

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Here at Green Star Biodiesel, we have discovered, perfected and implemented the machinery and equipment used for a variety of applications. These include food processing and industrial wastewater treatment plants that can quickly become clogged with fats, oils and greases.

Grease traps are normally serviced by local sanitation contractors such as Green Star Biodiesel to attend to their cleaning and to continue doing so on a regularly scheduled basis. Green Star Biodiesel is also a reliable contractor to line jet out the trap to ensure the line’s normal flow is free of any yellow grease blockage that naturally can develop over time. A regular and conscientious maintenance schedule will help make sure that you don’t need to replace costly equipment due to negligence.

The grease traps we service essentially act as interceptors for food waste and grease from restaurants and other businesses with food service or food preparation. They hold these potential pollutants in place while the normal wastewater flows through the interceptor and into your sewer system. That being said, what we can assure you is that well-maintained grease traps prevent Fats, Oils and Grease (such as used cooking oil, meat fats, food scraps, lard/shortening, baking goods, butter/margarine, cooking oil, sauces, and dairy products and yellow grease) from entering your community’s municipal water system.

As revealed in relevant news, there is a growing emphasis on the concept of repurposing the inevitable “waste” products that do unavoidably occur in a recycled manner which will not tax the environment to such a devastating degree. Our ability to use waste such as yellow grease from rendering facilities, used cooking oil, and brown grease recovered from grease traps as feedstocks contributes in a major way to the reduction in emissions; and that just a few examples of the positive environmental impacts!

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