Green Star Biodiesel is Now ISCC Certified!

The ISCC certification system guarantees conformity to the sustainability criteria of the European Directive on renewable energy (2009/28/CE): Reduction of greenhouse gasses, protection of water and forests, soil and biodiversity, and adherence to social legislation. This certification illustrates the environmental endeavors of Green Star Biodiesel.

Self Declarations

The link to the Self Declarations below are deemed to be signed and are an agreed upon part of a contract with Green Star Biodiesel LLC. The Self Declarations are deemed valid for all deliveries since January 1, 2016. Customers of Green Star Biodiesel LLC are not required to agree in writing. If a customer does not agree to the Self Declarations attached below, he/she must submit a statement of disagreement to Green Star Biodiesel LLC within ten days after the agreement date or its execution.