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Introduction to Green Star Biodiesel

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We as a society tend to create more waste than nature can take care of and effectively dispose of. Our company, Green Star Biodiesel, in Florida, believes in collecting and recycling used cooking oil and thus helping aid communities in reducing their carbon footprints. That ultimate goal and outcome are good for the environment as well as for our conscience.

That’s where we come in. Instead of having this used cooking oil composted, or disposed of, or sent to landfills, we are an effective used cooking oil recycling company based in Florida that specializes in collecting, disposing of and recycling your used cooking oil. Therefore we are a really environmentally friendly solution that benefits everyone in our community.

The cleanest and easiest to work with is used cooking oil, or waste vegetable oil, also known as used fryer oil. This is simply edible oil that has been used multiple times in a deep-fat fryer but it poses a challenge in finding a way to dispose of it or recycle and reuse in an environmentally conscious manner. What we have come to see is that used cooking oil is not really a waste product. It can be collected by a rendering company, purified, and then reused for animal feed supplements and other products including biodiesel. So it’s a win-win scenario!

Another significant benefit of using our Florida-based company is that biofuels derived from recycled cooking oil typically burn clean. In choosing to avail our services as a used cooking oil recycling company, you will quickly see that we have the ability to recycle this used cooking oil into fertilizers, biodiesel, varieties of animal feed and a multitude of other products whilst still maintaining a low carbon content and producing no carbon monoxide. Something else to keep in mind is that the burning of vegetable oil does not emit the greenhouse gases that fossil fuel combustion does.

We all know that in today’s economic climate, cost savings for small businesses can be the difference between success and failure. Our business does just that because we help restaurants and fast food chains safely and easily dispose of used cooking oil with less stress on their behalf. In addition, our specially designed equipment allows us to collect many types of used cooking oil safely and efficiently, regardless of weather or temperature.

Furthermore, with all of the increased awareness of the environmental benefits and the cost savings our company can provide you, more and more business are utilizing this used cooking oil disposal and recycling program to their advantage. Our team’s methodology for used cooking oil collection prides a reliable and efficient method of collection, recycling and disposal services that ensure your restaurant or food business is fully compliant with environmental legislation thus giving you the peace of mind and the awareness that your business is being handled ethically and conscientiously and helping keep our local Florida ecosystem healthy and thriving.

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