Import and Export

Green Star Biodiesel maintains a strong international presence throughout the Americas and the Caribbean in terms of used cooking oil purchasing and sales. Additionally, our ISCC Certification (link to section) allows us the flexibility to sell our product to the greatest amount of biodiesel producers in the European Union. We are constantly seeking out new territories from which to collect and purchase used cooking oil as well as buyers looking to increase their supply for the feed and biodiesel sectors.

Our experience in both purchasing and selling internationally is sure to make either experience a seamless one for our partners. In-house testing for MIU, FFA and other relevant indicators are only half of the peace of mind that Green Star Biodiesel provides. We’re also well versed in the necessary USDA import/export permits, certificates of origin and/or self declarations that are an important part of any incoming our outgoing shipment.

Green Star Biodiesel’s international network consists of partners and affiliates throughout South American, Central American and the Caribbean. Each partner is vetted to insure adherence to the highest standards and best business practices that our own customers have come to expect. Meanwhile, every Green Star Biodiesel affiliate is at least a partially owned subsidiary and held to the same standards as its parent company.

For a better understanding of the regions that Green Star Biodiesel seeks to buy oil from and has sold used cooking oil to in the past, please see the maps below. For any questions or inquires please don’t hesitate to contact us!

South America
South America Export
European Export
South America Export-Import
South America Import
Caribbean Import