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Do you know the importance of properly maintaining your grease traps? If you regularly and properly clean your grease traps of the residue from used cooking oil, you can mitigate a huge variety of problems.

However, if you neglect to keep up with regular maintenance of grease traps, you can get into major problems that quickly make kitchen sinks or drains back up. Being negligent in this matter can mean you’re going to face undesirable food waste smells from your plumbing or drainage system as well as major dollar-loss as a result of repair costs and downtime for your business. Those are both results we can help you avoid easily by maintaining the efficiency and cleanliness of your business’ grease traps.

Green Star Biodiesel can help you monitor and reduce the risk of having restricted flow caused by grease or food waste. If you avail our services, we can help you follow a regular grease trap cleaning program and schedule your services as to minimize the oils, greases and hardened fats from overloading and clogging your main grease trap.

We can help you arrange a flexible and efficient schedule to address your customized needs for grease trap maintenance depending on a variety of factors and variables, For example, we will be able to take into account the volume of customers, patrons and the number or size of your deep fryer facilities at your business. This can help us give you an effective schedule of the frequency with which Green Star Biodiesel will recommend we come and service your grease traps.


When you decide to hand over this major and essential responsibility by using our services, we will be able to alleviate all of your stresses by pumping all tank contents, doing damage inspections and repair recommendations if needed, securing seals. We will also give you a full comprehensive overview of the health and status of your outlets, inlets and used oil collection and yellow grease collection systems. Since not all grease traps will need to be maintained or changed or serviced simultaneously, we can accommodate this fluctuating schedule with ease and take that extra worry off of your mind.

Here in Florida and across the United States, we have become increasingly aware and concerned about contamination of municipal and city sewer systems and septic systems as well. Environmental agencies have even discovered that a very large percentage of residual grease found in our sewers and drains comes from businesses, restaurants and residential residences who have not maintained their grease trap collection systems. We at Green Star Biodiesel can assure you that we work to ensure your business is going to run smoothly and our environment and communities here in greater Florida will maintain a healthy ecosystem.

*Further information and statistics regarding grease trap maintenance in North America can be found at and

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