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Used cooking oil is commonly know as “yellow grease” or “WVO” (waste vegetable oil). Many companies in the Greater Florida region as well as all over the country in the food industry have started hiring used cooking oil recycling companies to retrieve the oil from their deep fryers, at snack food processing plants, in fast food restaurants, in potato processing plants and in a wide variety of other business establishments.




The used cooking oil is then refined to produce a really versatile byproduct called “yellow grease”. The innovative recycling process has been handled by used cooking oil collection companies, such as ours here at Green Star Biodiesel, and repurposed into new products such as animal and pet feed production, soap manufacturing and even widely in the cosmetic industry.

Yellow grease has proven to be an extremely versatile byproduct and it has gained wide acclaim in manufacturing in the biodiesel fuel sector as well. This very successful application has encouraged the collection and processing of used cooking oil in recent years. Furthermore, many governments locally, such as in our Florida community, nationally and internationally in the EU have shown expanding interest in the alternative cooking oil waste-based fuels.

Noting the global governments’ every-growing support and interest in encouraging businesses and consumers to incorporate adding a used cooking oil refinement process in their general practices, it is no wonder that there has been an exponential growth in the hiring of used cooking oil recycling and collecting companies from cafes, fast-food chains, luxury hotels, michelin star restaurants and dining canteens.

At times, market fluctuations in the biodiesel/fuel prices can vary, but the overall desire to patronized such used cooking oil collecting and recycling processes remain favorably on the increase which is great for our environment as well as for our community businesses.

Recent there have been discussions amongst the international sectors surrounding the creation of a cooperative relationship to support import/export possibilities between the EU, USA, Asia and South America. This new revelation is quite exciting as it indicates a global shift towards further encouragement to eco-commitment and an incentivized advocacy for the use of used cooking oil collecting and recycling companies overall.

It is a reassuring sign that we are all doing our part to recognize, reform and refine our ecological impact via more conscious business practices, thus lessening the carbon footprint. And here at Green Star Biodiesel, we believe that is a step in the right direction.

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