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We are all aware that oil and gas becomes more and more scarce on a daily basis due to our global society’s consumption and dependence. By hiring us to regularly maintain and clean your business’ grease traps, you can contribute to the mission statement that will make yellow grease one of the byproducts of our society that helps to reduce further taxing our environment in Florida specifically.

Are you aware that you and your business in Florida are currently able to recycle or compost used oil in any amount but you can only put very small amounts of it in the trash? Furthermore, laws regulate that liquids of any kind are not accepted in landfills so this is a problem and further reason to utilize our used cooking oil collection services at Green Star Biodiesel. Our company collects the used cooking oil and willl dispose of grease-trap yellow grease and then recycles it into clean burning biodiesel for use in the greater Florida region. Additionally, we highly recommend that you not put the used cooking oil in home composting bins, as the oils and fats can attract unsavory wildlife which are abundant in Florida. In addition to protecting your homes, businesses and communities, by utilizing our used cooking oil collection services to produce biodiesel, you will be helping the environment by cutting carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions. This is beneficial for the atmosphere and the overall health of the environment.

In addition to the restaurant industry, another example of some of our clients who we regularly service include businesses in the automotive and service industry. At Green Star Biodiesel, we are happy to adapt our pick-up schedule to your specific needs for your business. Inevitably, every business decision impacts the bottom line and profit margins for your company. Whether a car dealership is selling used vehicles, motorcycles or brand new cars, Green Star Biodiesel can provide dealerships with reliable and authorized used oil collection and recycling as well as the collection of other fluids like oily water and sludge.

We can also assist you and your business in the collection or maintenance of your used oil filters in any industrial or manufacturing venue and thus reduce improper disposal of used oil and grease that is often mishandled in the do-it-yourslef oil changing processes. We are the best choice for you to make if you wish to see less used oil end up in our ground water and waterways. That’s a win-win scenario!

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