The Correlation Between Used Cooking Oil and Gasoline Cost

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gas prices blog 2The advent of biodiesel and the different biofuels has permanently altered the used cooking oil industry by creating a link between recycled vegetable oils and crude oil prices.

In fact, there is such a drastic increase in demand for used cooking oil from deep fryers, businesses, restaurants and cafes all over the country have been experiencing an unprecedented rise in the theft of their own used vegetable cooking oil. There is a direct correlation between the rise in crude oil prices and the increase of such thefts from our local restaurants.

Since waste cooking oil, otherwise called used cooking oil has so many multifaceted applications in its recycling and reuse, it has become a hot commodity. Used cooking oil has been repurposed in the animal feed industry as well as a plethora of uses in the chemical and biodiesel industries.

From what statistics have shown, as the price of crude oil petrol continues to rise, there is more demand for this used cooking oil. The increased interest in used cooking oil has triggered so much theft of restaurants’ waste that businesses have needed to implement safeguarding of their garbage as well. The most effective way is to hire a used cooking oil recycling company, like Green Star Biodiesel. That way, you can ensure the safe, effective, regular and efficient disposal of your used cooking once it is converted to “yellow grease”. It is good for your business, good for the environment and great for your community.

The reason for this phenomenon is that it’s also directly connected to the mass consumer interest in preferring to use biodiesel as both an environmental and economic alternative to the exorbitant prices and overall ethically contentious “Un-green” gasoline. In fact, the use of biodiesel derived from used deep fryer cooking oil has become so popular, many international large scale industries have become exclusive consumers of biodiesel, including municipal infrastructure vehicles and buses, delivery and courier firms as well as in the shipping/fleet operating industries.

The use of biodiesel derived from used cooking oil ultimately lowers business’ overhead costs and allows them to opt for the cleaner, greener alternative. Choosing this alternative allows businesses to get the best price point for fueling the operation of their businesses and thus not fall prey to the elevation and fluctuation of the fickle market of crude oil.

The choice to have your used cooking oil recycled and processed into yellow grease and then biodiesel is an admirable and ethical one from both a small business as well as big corporation decision. In fact, many individuals have found it economically rewarding to convert to using used cooking oil biodiesel in their own personal vehicles.

In this day in age, whether it is regarding environmental resources, industrial resources or simple financial resources, there is no justification for “waste” anymore. And many businesses and individuals are following that very ethos when they choose to recycle their used cooking oil and switch from using pricy gasoline to biodiesel.

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  1. We are a PE barrel manufacturer in Morocco and want to start exporting our 3rd grade olive oil Pomace its good for frying but doesn’t have the rich oil smell and taste.we are not interested to sell into the restauarant market but to bio diesel blenders. What pricing can we expect delivered east coast in 127 liter HDPE barrels?

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  2. Hi,

    We want to buy 50,000lbs of used Cooking Oil on a monthly basis.
    Bulk or Drum packed.

    Any location in the USA will be picked up by our company.

    Kindly share pictures and quantity.

    We look forward to hearing soon from you

    Kind regards,
    2011, Pitts road,
    Richmond TX – 77406.

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