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Cooking Oil Recycling – How to do It? Can used Cooking Oil be Recycled?

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Cooking oil recycling – let’s see what it is? If you own or manage a restaurant, you should know your used cooking oil can be recycled.  In fact, there are several ways to recycle this used oil.  The used cooking oil’s BTU value creates the opportunity to convert it into a fuel used in diesel engines that help trucks and other vehicles traverse the roads and highways.  In fact, recycled used cooking oil can also be used for home heating oil.

How do I Dispose of Used Cooking Oil?

Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

Disposing of used cooking oil is easier than most restaurant owners, managers and employees assume.  Here’s how to do it.  Allow the fryer to cool prior to pouring out the oil.  Be sure to strain the cooking oil to prevent diminutive food particles from making it into the container as you change your fryer oil. 

Our cooking oil recycling team is here to take the oil off of your hands so your restaurant can transition to the use of fresh, new oil that creates delicious food.  We provide containers for used cooking oil.  Our containers are sized as 200 gallon steel for use outdoors, 100 gallons and the 50 gallon plastic variety for indoor use.

Cooking Oil Recycling Companies – How to Find?

There is no sense holding onto your oil or attempting to dispose of it on your own when cooking oil recycling companies exist.  In fact, your local town or city government might have even gone to the extent of designating a drop off site for your used cooking oil.  Furthermore, biodiesel companies are also willing to take your used cooking oil and recycle it for use in trucks and other automobiles.  

Though few people know it, recycling used cooking oil is quickly burgeoning into a legitimate business opportunity that will only continue to expand in the years and decades ahead.  When in doubt, search Google or another search engine for “restaurant oil recycling near me” or for “biodiesel and cooking oil recycling businesses” near your restaurant.  Scroll through the search results and you are likely to find at least a couple such oil recycling companies willing to accept or even purchase your oil.  In fact, you might find half a dozen such businesses in addition to your local government’s drop-off site.

What do You do With Used Frying Oil?

Used Frying Oil

If you don’t have much used frying oil, you can simply put it in a disposable container after it cools, add a lid and place it in the garbage.  However, if you own or manage a restaurant, you probably have a considerable amount of used frying oil on a weekly basis.  It is possible to throw this oil out yet doing so is a bad idea simply because the oil can be recycled, ultimately preserving our planet for future generations of humanity as well as our friends in the animal kingdom.  Do not give in to the temptation to throw out the oil.

Additional options are to implement a grease disposal system at your business.  This kit has a plastic receptacle that accommodates 32 oz. of frying oil.  Put a bag in such a container, let the oil cool, pour it in the bag, seal it and dispose of it. 

Above all, the best option is to recycle the used frying oil.  Private businesses that convert used frying oil into biodiesel and even city oil collection programs designed to increase recycling will accept your used frying oil. 

Another option is to simply save the oil for use at a later point in time.  If you have any interest in using the oil for additional deep frying, strain it with cheesecloth or a coffee filter to eliminate food particles.  Store the used oil in a sealed container within a dark and cool part of the kitchen.  

Used Cooking Oil Recycling Near Me

Used Cooking Oil Recycling Near Me

If you are on the prowl for used cooking oil recycling near your restaurant, you are in luck.  Between our team, local government and other groups, there are plenty of opportunities to recycle your used cooking oil.  Do your part to preserve our increasingly sensitive planet by recycling your used cooking oil rather than disposing of it and your restaurant will have yet another selling point to highlight when marketing your business on the web and offline.  

We are here to help with our container options ranging from the 50 gallon variety for use indoors, the 200 gallon steel variety and the 100 gallon variety. Reach out to us today to learn more about our used cooking oil container options. 

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  2. I didn’t know that waste oil recycling companies exist and they even have a local drop-off site. This has actually been the concern f my parents who want to put up a small friend chicken stop next year. Since they might use a lot of ingredients, they are really looking into how to be more environmentally conscious so we will definitely find a company that does this near us.

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