Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking Oil Recycling – How to do It? Can used Cooking Oil be Recycled?

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Cooking oil recycling – let’s see what it is? If you own or manage a restaurant, you should know your used cooking oil can be recycled.  In fact, there are several ways to recycle this used oil.  The used cooking oil’s BTU value creates the opportunity to convert it into a fuel used in diesel engines that help trucks and …

Trap Cleaning

Trap Cleaning – Step-By-Step Procedure

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If you own a restaurant, a catering service or simply have a large kitchen, you should know your grease trap requires ongoing cleaning.  However, it is not enough to simply perform a superficial cleaning of the trap once every couple years.  You need to perform an in-depth cleaning of your grease trap at specific intervals to ensure it is clean, …