Regular Grease Trap Maintenance

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Cooking oil is the edible form of oil that can be obtained from plants, animals, or even synthetically made. Coconut oil, peanut oil, olive oil, corn oil and a multitude of other varieties are some examples of the most common types of cooking oil. These oils are all used in frying processes to produce a versatile variety of cuisines from …


Biofuel Initiatives

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Green Star Biodiesel  emphasizes how important it is to recycle your used cooking oil responsibly. We also pride ourselves in our reliability in a strict schedule to pick up your used cooking oil and to maintain your grease traps. We arrange a clear systematic schedule with you to make sure that your business is serviced efficiently   Recently, the US …


Used Cooking Oil: A Hot Commodity!

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Used cooking oil has become such a hot commodity all over Florida as well as the rest of the country, that multiple rings of thieves have recently been caught stealing restaurants’ used fryer oil from their storage facilities. These thefts have perplexed authorities and restaurants for more than a year now as they have been unable to catch the thieves …


Florida’s Various Industries We Service

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We are all aware that oil and gas becomes more and more scarce on a daily basis due to our global society’s consumption and dependence. By hiring us to regularly maintain and clean your business’ grease traps, you can contribute to the mission statement that will make yellow grease one of the byproducts of our society that helps to reduce …


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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Did you know that used cooking oil from restaurant deep fryers is not really a waste product? At Green Star Biodiesel, we collect and render it, purify it and then repurpose your business’ vegetable cooking oil for a variety of products such as animal feed supplements and other innovative uses including biodiesel. In fact, some of the most environmentally friendly …